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hi stumpy. I've got a big problem. two weeks ago I took a date out on the Sea of Simulation in my solar sailer. things were going great until that asshole, Sark, showed up in his carrier. totally crashed into my solar sailer and derezzed it. then he 'rescued' my date and they left me in the middle of nowhere. hours went by before I was finally able to hitch a ride on a passing recognizer to get home. it was humiliating. this kind of thing keeps happening to me. why do gals like jerks instead of nice guys like me? I mean, I own a solar sailer and a couple of nice lightcycles. please help.

The Game Grid

well, Crom, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

kids, don't do drugs. also, send me some better questions for Pete's sake. I've gotten seventeen questions in the mail since we last published, and this freakshow's is the best of the bunch. help me out here.


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